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Student Testimonials

Real comments from real students. All student comments are posted.

"easy and informational,thank you."
Conrado L. - San Joaquin, California

"10/10 Would recommend. Very concise and to the point while still being informative"
Christian G. - Kern, California

"Thank you"
Danielle M. - Orange, California

"This was very user friendly and reiterated the salient points."
Lashonda M. - Alameda, California

"very efficient way to present the course and easy to understand. Very good system. I will recommend it to family and friends."
Simon G. - Los Angeles, California

"Nice online study"
Conrado S. - Ventura, California

"The question I got incorrect regarding who is considered a pedestrian I at first had a disabled person in a wheelchair but I looked up the definition of a pedestrian and it says a bicyclist and doesn't mention a disabled person anywhere. Have s great day"
Brady M. - San Bernardino, California

Jordan L. - San Francisco, California

"best "
Paul A. - San Diego, California

"This was a great online driving course. I was fully satisfied by the accessibility and ease of service! The pictures and graphics were always apt and helpful. There were a couple of typos on the first few modules though. Other than that it was a 10/10."
Elena S. - Kern, California

"great online traffic school! thank you"
Raquel K. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you ."
Veronica M. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course! "
Harold U. - Los Angeles, California

"super easy thank you!!"
Silvia Y. - Alameda, California

"As advertised this course was informative and simple to finish"
Thomas W. - Contra Costa, California

"I called to ask a question about having an Iowa driver's license, and I was met with a very courteous member of staff. She answered my questions and I was on my way. Thank you! "
Caitlin S. - Los Angeles, California

Amir M. - Stanislaus, California

"I really enjoyed this course - it was well-informative, accessible; the quiz questions were straightforward and simple; the final exam was not complicated or stressful. A very well thought out online driving course for a good, reasonable price. Thank you."
Brianna U. - Kern, California

"Great course. thank you"
Cassandra W. - Placer, California

"Great course! "
Robert M. - Los Angeles, California

"I did not call an instructor"
Benjiman G. - Sacramento, California

"Fun and fast. "
Jose R. - Sacramento, California

Paula D. - Sacramento, California

"Easy course. Thanks. "
Susy C. - Orange, California

"Very good design of online courses. So are the tests."
James W. - Yolo, California

"Very great class! I was recommended to use this website and I am really impressed. I will pass this website to any of my family/friends that might ever need it in the future. Thank you so much!"
Allina D. - Los Angeles, California

"A very well constructed website/traffic school education system."
Justin W. - Los Angeles, California

"Great Course. Very Easy to use. "
Steven W. - Los Angeles, California

Jose F. - Placer, California

"it is very helpful traffic course"
Juan C. - Contra Costa, California

"This course really holds true to its reputation "simple to finish"! It was easy, well organized and written with little funny jokes. I was dreading taking my traffic School, but Simple To Finish Traffic School really made it fun, easy and simple to finish (no pun intended)! Thank you"
Ramina S. - Los Angeles, California

"I'm not sure, did you write straightforward that it is illegal to make U-turn at or on a railroad crossing?"
Igor L. - Santa Clara, California

Jacqueline A. - Los Angeles, California

"Very thorough and easily understandable. Good course. Thank you"
Jennifer D. - San Luis Obispo, California

"The course was well written and easy to understand. I would recommend it."
Caterina L. - Los Angeles, California

"Good traffic school- clear and easy to understand"
Hong kuan T. - San Mateo, California

"Thank you much"
Binnaz O. - Monterey, California

"I loved this course..! "
Georgina G. - Los Angeles, California

Maria M. - Stanislaus, California

"This was a very easy way to finish the course."
Jessica N. - Los Angeles, California

"This course actually made traffic school enjoyable and I was able to focus to remember a lot of valuable information."
Kimberly L. - Orange, California

"Really efficient, easy to follow and well constructed."
Alfredo B. - Los Angeles, California

"thank you"
Jane H. - Alameda, California

"Thanks "
Gregnesha M. - Los Angeles, California

"great course...I learned a lot."
Neal B. - Los Angeles, California

"This website is awesome. I will be recommending this to anyone that needs to take traffic school. Thank you!"
Chad S. - Riverside, California

"Everything went well including registering for the online course. Material was informative and easily understandable. Thank You!"
Jacqueline W. - Riverside, California

"The course was educational and parts of it were entertaining & funny to keep my focus."
Roxann G. - San Bernardino, California

"Easier course than I had expected. Thank you for the opportunity to take this course online. Course well written and with humor added too...a plus for all schooling courses!!"
Lee S. - San Mateo, California

"Smooth course and process "
Louis G. - Stanislaus, California

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