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Risky Driving Behavior To Avoid

Risky driving behavior is often associated with young and inexperienced drivers. They are more likely to engage in risky and hazardous driving as they do not fully understand the consequences and outcomes of such an activity. They consider themselves invincible especially when having peer-aged passengers on board. Young males, in particular, have a reduced risk perception and are prone to riskier driving behavior.  For them, reckless driving, including speeding and driving under influence is a benign thrill and not a peril that may lead to a fatal vehicular accident or crash.

Besides excessive speeding and driving after drinking alcohol or taking certain substances, there are other patterns of behavior as well which are defined as risky, such as driving at night or using a cell phone. Not being sufficiently experienced for night driving, young drivers are particularly susceptible to an accident when found in such situations. Add to that the alcohol or drug impaired driver reaching for his cell phone and a fatality is inevitable.

There is one more aspect that should be covered here and that is driving while drowsy or sleepy. Young drivers sometimes get less than six hours of sleep per night which increases the risk of their impaired concentration and attention. Again, the male population is more likely than the female one to drive while being drowsy (56% vs. 45%) and to fall asleep while driving (22% vs. 12%).

Although a higher incidence of risky attitude towards dangerous driving practices has been reported in young adult males, not all young people are engaged in such behavior; therefore mechanisms for effective targeting of the high-risk group should be developed which will help us address this serious problem in an efficient manner.

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